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I offer my business clients the peace of mind in knowing that their interests are well represented.

Specializing in business tax preparation, I guide my business clients to minimize taxes.

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"Tax time has always been so stressful but having Marlene by my side makes it easy. She’s been doing my taxes for 4 years now and I’m so grateful for all of her coaching and the diligent work she does. Marlene is knowledgeable, quick to get back, thorough and really good at saving me money 🙂 . I have referred her to many of my friends and family and they all feel the same as I do. Working with her will save you money, time and energy!"
Amber Edwards
Amber Edwards
"As a business owner, I have relied on our Marlene to not only handle the financial details of my company, but also to provide valuable insights and guidance on how to make smart financial decisions. Her expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable and have played a key role in the success of my business. Marlene goes above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. She handles both our business filings, and our personal taxes returns. Our experience working with Marlene is nothing short of excellence. She is clearly passionate about providing top notch service by putting people first. We felt like we were her top priority and that she truly cared about our satisfaction. It’s without any hesitation that we highly recommend Marlene to anyone in need of professional and reliable accounting services. She is a true asset to have on your team."

The Tax Preparation Process



All tax slips and pertinent information is gathered to start preparing your return.


Clarifying Questions

I contact you if I have any questions or need any clarification while I am working on your return.  



Once your tax return is completed, I will review your tax return with you either in person, virtual meeting, or via telephone call.



Collect payment (Cash, e-transfer or certified cheque). View Pricing



Tax return will be E-filed.


Additional Support

You will receive your Notice of Assessment. I will assist you with any CRA inquiries, reviews, re-assessments after taxes have been filed.

Business Tax FAQ's

You will need signed T2200 form, “Declaration of Conditions of Employment” from your employer. There are also additional requirements, based on the types of expenses you incur.

No, the traveling cost from home to work and work to home is considered personal expenses.

Yes, you may claim additional expenses, which may not be allowed to salaried employees such as property tax and insurance for home office expenses. Employment expenses are limited to commission income plus capital cost allowance and interest on car loan.

You need a signed T2200 from your employer to claim employment expenses. You should keep all the receipts and detailed log sheet of kilometers driven for business and personal.

A passenger vehicle is an automobile purchased or leased after June 17, 1987. Most cars, station wagons, vans, and some pick-up trucks are passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles are subject to the limits for capital cost allowance, interest, and leasing costs.

Yes, you can, unless leasing cost exceeds $800 per month, then the lease formula would be used to calculate allowable deduction.

You should take following factors into account:

  1. How many miles are you expecting to travel? If you expect to have a lot of mileage then most leasing companies, charge additional fees over certain mileage. This information should be specified in leasing contract. You have to determine how much extra you have to pay over specified mileage. Then it might not be to your advantage to lease a car.
  2. How often do you change a vehicle? Are you the type of person who changes a vehicle after 2 to 3 years or do you like to keep the same vehicle for 5 to 10 years. It is better to lease if only keeping the vehicle for a short period of time.
  3. Do you have Cash flow? Do you have enough cash to purchase a vehicle. If not, it may be more beneficial for you to lease. Since leasing a vehicle is easier for a person with bad credit rating.

Incorporation does make sense due to limited liability concept, splitting income, lower tax burden etc. If you would like to know whether you should incorporate your business or not and for further information here is a link for a trusted recommended referral for this inquiry plus other services that may be of interest to you.