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I pride myself on providing reliable and professional tax services and support. As an experienced tax expert, you can trust that I can handle all your tax needs with accuracy, confidence, and peace of mind.

Affordable Rates

My rates are highly competitive and tailored to provide cost-effective solutions to meet the unique needs of my clients. I strive to offer exceptional value and affordable pricing to ensure that my services are accessible to a wide range of individuals and businesses.

Quick Responses

I am committed to offering prompt and effective assistance to address any tax-related inquiries, requests for quotes, appointments, or notifications received from the Canada Revenue Agency in a timely manner.

Tax Services

Personal Income Tax

You can have peace of mind that your taxes will be prepared accurately, on time and I will include all relevant deductions and credits that you are eligible for.
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Business Income Tax

I offer my business clients the peace of mind in knowing that their interests are well represented. 

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Audits & Reviews

I help prepare you for a tax review by educating you on the process and ensuring you have all important records on hand.
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Tax Coaching

I offer personalized tax coaching for clients seeking expert guidance on the complex world of taxes. With one-on-one support from a tax specialist, clients can make informed decisions to maximize their tax savings.

Knowledge and Numbers

Over 25 years of tax experience allows my business to provide individuals and small businesses with remarkable tax solutions at an affordable rate.

The return is due April 30, 2024, and payment is due April 30, 2024.

  • For most people, the return is due April 30, 2024, and payment is due April 30, 2024

  • For a self-employed person and their spouse or common-law partner (other than those stated above), the return is due June 15, 2024, and payment is due April 30, 2024

  • For a deceased person and their surviving spouse or common-law partner, see Guide T4011, Preparing Returns for Deceased Person

Even if you did not have any income in the year, you still have to file a return to get the benefits, credits, and refund you are entitled to.

Even if you do not have to attach certain supporting documents to your return, or if you are filing your return electronically, keep your supporting documents for seven years in case the CRA asks you to provide them later.

It is important to file your tax return correctly. No matter what your tax situation is, I have your back!"
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